Create A Custom Favicon For Your WordPress Website

One of the smallest details that has a huge impact on your site design is the favicon. Ever notice how popular and well designed sites have a small icon in your brower window, right next to the URL address? or maybe you’ll see it on your browser tab. If you don’t create a custom favicon, you will usually end up with nothing, or something generic, or worst, the theme designer’s logo.

A favicon is nothing more than a 16 pixels by 16 pixels icon, and the file has a .ico extension. As you can imagine it is pretty difficult to put complex graphics in such a small frame. When designing your favicon, use simple images or letters. Make sure that the color of the favicon reflects the color of your website, so that visitors will be able to associate the icon with the site.

Note: If you have never created a favicon before, you may have to download a plugin for Photoshop. The .ico format wasn’t an available file format until I added this plugin. Go to to download the plugin for photoshop.
After installing, you will be able to save your custom 16×16 image as “favicon.ico”. Now find where your favicon is saved in your wordpress theme and replace it with your new file.

If you are using the Genesis Studiopress Framework, install and activate the “Genesis Favicon Uploader” plugin. Once installed, navigate to Genesis -> Upload Favicon, and upload the new favicon!

Done! Now your website is blingin’! Need help creating a favicon? Hire me! ­čÖé

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  1. Garrett says:

    Hi Sonya, I love the enthusiasm for the Favicon! I recently dealt with a fairly large e-commerce website that did not have a favicon nor did they feel the favicon was important. This is an e-commerce site that as the owner you can only hope people will bookmark the site and return! No Favicon = ugly, unmemorable bookmark.. What came from this conversation was I decided to start collecting as many as possible which then became Super Favicon. Perhaps your readers may find inspiration here when designing their own favicon!

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